Renewal of certificates

Certificates are valid for five years after which they need to be administratively renewed. Ten years after the first exam, a candidate needs to take the recertification exam.

Administrative renewal

A candidate needs to submit the following application forms (available on the website):

  • Application for Certification,
  • Verification of Work Experience
  • Visual Acuity Test Certificate


Exam for recertification is intended for candidates whose certificates have expired (ten years after taking the exam and every ten years from that date). For example, if an exam is passed in 2000:

  1. in 2005 – certificate needs to be extended administratively
  2. in 2010 – recertification – candidate is requested to take an exam
  3. in 2015 – certificate needs to be extended administratively and so on.

Exams for all methods on level 1 and 2 will be held on the last day of the course. Another date of the exam depends on the number of candidates and will be arranged accordingly.

Candidates can apply for and take the recertification exam on the date of any other exam no matter which method they need to pass.

If necessary, consultations are also possible if arranged in advance (for collective members).

It is possible to organize a course on some other dates than scheduled if the number of candidates covers the costs of that course.

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