History of CrSNDT

The year 1963-1964 marks the beginning of the Croatian Society of Non Destructive Testing (CrSNDT) when a group of experts gathered in the field of nondestructive testing primarily in the metal industry, engineering, shipbuilding and oil industry products. Organized activities of the CrSNDT intensified when Croatia and Slovenia developed plans and started the construction of the nuclear power plant in Krško.
The Croatian Society of Nondestructive Testing considers the year 1963 as the beginning of its action. The Croatian Society of Nondestructive Testing was established in 1964 in order to provide support to research and implementation in the field of nondestructive methods. The Yugoslav Society of Nondestructive Testing (YSNDT) was founded in Opatija on the 28th April 1965 in cooperation with experts from other Yugoslav republics. The first President of the YSNDT was Mitja Šipek, graduate engineer from Slovenia.
In addition to the core business of the association which is to gather experts in the field of nondestructive development, as well as to exchange knowledge and experience, especially cooperation in the field of standardization, one of the most important activities of this association in Croatia has always been the training and certification of personnel in the field of nondestructive testing. The profile of experts in nondestructive tests, ranging from operators to engineers, could not be acquired at that time as part of regular education.
As the number of members grew, and also due to different developments and interests within individual Yugoslav republics and industrial sectors there was a need to organize regionally within the organization itself. Consequently at the YSNDT Annual Assembly in Pula in 1970 Regional Societies were established by Statute. The first President of the Regional Society of Croatia was Zdravko Karakaš, graduate engineer from Slavonski Brod.
That same year on the 4th of June 1970 the YSNDT was admitted into the worldwide organization ICNDT, the International Committee for Nondestructive Testing.
According to the order as pre-defined by the statute, the headquarters of YSNDT was moved in 1971 from Ljubljana to Zagreb and Božena Božiček, graduate engineer from Zagreb was elected as President of YSNDT.
As regional societies further developed, there was again a need to reorganize the Yugoslav Society of Nondestructive Testing. At the assembly in Belgrade on the 20th June 1980 the association changed its organizational form in order to become the Union of Republic Societies for Nondestructive Testing, i.e. of the Federal Republics that existed at the time in Yugoslavia.
The founding assembly of the Republic Society for Nondestructive Testing of Croatia was held in Zagreb on the 4thof June 1981. The President of the CrSNDT was Mrs. Božena Božiček, graduate engineer, who successfully managed not only the Yugoslav Union of Societies for Nondestructive Testing, but also the subsequently established CrSNDT within the former Yugoslav state, until the time the CrSNDT achieved independence and developed according to the needs of the Croatian industry.
In 1983 President Božena Božiček withdrew due to illness. The CrSNDT established a special award in her memory as a tribute to her selfless and devoted work for the association.
The award and medal “Bozena Božiček” were established at the regular annual assembly held in Dubrovnik 1988. This award is granted annually to domestic and foreign experts for exceptional and outstanding activities in the field of non destructive testing, and especially for gathering and networking members of the association, for training of personnel, and for the improvement and development of nondestructive testing methods.
From 1983 up to1989 the President of CSNDT was Mr. Leon Kauzlarić, graduate engineer from Zagreb. In accordance with valid regulations, the Association was registered with the Republic Secretariat for Administration and Justice, and the CrSNDT was entered in the Register of Social Organizations of Croatia under number UO/I-04.IV/1-256/38-3-1983. The Croatian Society of Nondestructive Testing continues to operate successfully.
Prof. Vjera Krstelj, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, the University of Zagreb was elected at president of CrSNDT at the 6th Elective Assembly in 1989. The Association had its headquarters at the stated Faculty where intensive training and certification of personnel for nondestructive testing continued.
The Yugoslav Union of Societies of Nondestructive Testing (YUSNDT) ceased to exist with the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991.
Prof. Vjera Krstelj, PhD, remained President of the Association during the Homeland War. .
During the Homeland War, members of the CrSNDT continued to fulfill their everyday obligations, from testing facilities under construction and exploitation, training personnel and preparing laboratories for accreditation processes in accordance with the requirements of European standards.
The first war year in 1990 was marked by organizational and ownership changes in the Croatian industry, and a significant decline in metal industry production. These events reflected on the CrSNDT whose members reduced their social activities and affairs.
At the same time, the Homeland War put new challenges before members of the CrSNDT, ranging from participation in the Croatian army, participation in the making of weapons, testing damaged buildings in the first line of combat. In the clash of destructive war technology and human effort to preserve life, many victims lost their lives.  Members of the CrSNDT also made their contribution by making the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Despite the war and economic hardships the CrSNDT continued to perform its tasks and demonstrated the vitality in the newly emerged situation.
The experience and participation of the CrSNDT in the work of international associations have greatly helped the CrSNDT in order to its new place in the international community, first of all within the European Federation for Nondestructive Testing, EFNDT.
Prof. Vjera Krstelj, PhD, continues and improves the work on education and certification of personnel in the field of nondestructive control. Under her management the Society continues to evolve and monitors all novelties in nondestructive testing. It is accredited and recognized internationally.
In 2009 the CrSNDT moved to new, larger and more suitable business premises within the Business Center Zavrtnica due to the expansion of activities and the need to improve work at the Education Centre and the Certification Center. The President of the CrSNDT is actively involved in the work of the European Federation for Nondestructive Testing. In 2009 she was nominated and unanimously elected as the President of the European Federation for Nondestructive Testing, EFNDT.
The Croatian Society of Non Destructive Testing gives full support to President Prof. Vjera Krstelj, PhD, in her work on the European and international level and has accepted the honor of taking over the EFNDT Secretariat after the German, French and English Society. Prof. Nikša Krnić, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Naval Architecture, the University of Split, acts as Secretary General.
During its development and its 50 year-old history the CrSNDT has had many members, both individual and collective, whose work contributed to the development of the CrSNDT. In recognition of the contribution to the work and success of the Society, prizes and awards were granted to outstanding members and societies.
The history of CSNDT is full of events that occurred during the troubled history of our country which hopefully is now on a peaceful and stable path of development and prosperity within the European Union. Thanks to the people who ran the society during its history, our members can peacefully and proudly reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

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