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CrSNDT Activities and Organizational Structure

Croatian Society of Non-Destructive Testing (CrSNDT) is a non-profit association which gathers scientists and experts engaged in non-destructive testing in various product sectors.

Our objectives are the following:

  • to encourage scientific and research activities and participation in development of technical standards, law regulations and acts,
  • to encourage development of non-destructive testing procedures,
  • training and certification of NDT personnel according to HRN EN ISO 9712:2012,
  • to advance the practices and benefits of NDT at both national and international level.

The objectives are accomplished by:

  • courses, seminars, counceling, exhibits and other forms of constant education,
  • gathering of NDT experts and promoting the discipline of NDT as a profession,
  • enhancing the knowledge level of NDT personnel.

CrSNDT represents its members in the country and abroad.

All members of the society gain considerable benefits from the CrSNDT membership of the European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT) and the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) and its cooperation with more than 70 international NDT societies from six continents.

CrSNDT organization:

Board of Directors:

  • Vjera Krstelj
  • Ivana Banjad Pečur
  • Nenad Gucunski
  • Gordan Polonijo
  • Ivica Veljača


  • Vjera Krstelj
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